Hello and welcome to Dragon, known as the Night of Discord Network. This domain acts as the mother out of all of my sites which includes, but not limited to, anime/manga, games, and even people who I help host. There's still more to come since I've gotten into many fandoms the past years.

To navigate you just scroll down. Yup, that easy. Enjoy~!

About the Domain was my first domain bought back on July 5th, 2006 with Dreamhost since my dad saw how much fun I had making websites for my favorite characters, mostly Sesshoumaru at the time. He was the sole reason of why I chose Krescent Moon because of the crescent moon of his forehead, even if I do like the night time and seeing the moon, the arrogant daiyoukai had me find out about web design: Téa's The Killing Perfection, inspired me because, at the time (and still today), her design was so beautiful and the fansite was so thought out that I too wanted to try it.

Before, I didn't have a network name and just called it until 2010, I decided to name the network Night of Discord Network because I love the night. The discord part? You could say that it shows a bit of my dark side. Over the years, my network has been growing, even if one is on another domain.

Finally, after ten years, in mid 2016, I outgrew it and bought this brand new one, Dragon I let the original one expire but it was still a great and fun way to get started. The reason I chose dragon and nebula is because I love dragons. Not because my Chinese zodiac is a dragon but they have always fascinated me when I was a kid - right after horses. I threw in Nebula in because I love outer space pictures. I would never travel out there, I'm too scared, but it's incredible just how everything started with gas and dust.

I also own and - all of which are registered and hosted on Dreamhost because, despite what people may say, I'm not at all bothered by their outages. What really made me respect them even more was that they reset all FTP passwords when the servers were hacked. I was very pleased of their decision and I hardly have any downtime. When I do, however, I know they either are doing maintenance or just wait patiently and it'll be back up.


Sesshoumaru's Castle

Subject: Sesshoumaru (ya rly)
Genre: Anime/Manga
Series: InuYasha

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4th Espada

Subject: Ulquiorra
Genre: Anime/Manga
Series: BLEACH

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Subject: Rido Kuran
Genre: Anime/Manga
Series: Vampire Knight

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Subject: Pascal
Genre: Animation
Series: Tangled

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World Eater

Subject: Alduin
Genre: Video Games
Series: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

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Never Boring With You

Subject: Chikage Kazama/Chizuru Yukimura
Genre: Video Games
Series: Hakuouki

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Control Their Lives

Subject: The Sims 1 (grand daddy of simulation)
Genre: Video Games
Series: The Sims

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Edna Mode...and Guest

Subject: Edna Mode
Genre: Animation
Series: The Incredibles

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Vada's Free Layouts

Horse sim game layouts by Vada after I noticed her struggling with Geocities way before Yahoo! shut them down.

Heart and Soul

An InuYasha fansite owned by Alex.


Alex's personal site/blog.


Below are my friends (affiliates) and those who wish to exchange links (link exchanges). If you would like to be an affiliate or link exchange with me, go and fill out this form. Affiliates are generally for those who I'm friends with, even a little, so if you wish to be one, let's try and get to know each other.


Comments: After meeting her at San Japan 2.X and I saw that she had the same interests as me on DeviantART and LJ (especially our favorite pairing in BLEACH, Ulquiorra/Orihime, and love for Ulquiorra himself), we have gone from aquaintances to fast friends. Before meeting her, I had landed upon her network and was estatic to find out that it was her domain since I loved how she does her designs. I was glad that we got to know each other more since she's a very sweet friend and I love chatting with her.

Comments: After Kate introduced herself at Amassment, and I noticed she also liked Tamaki, Ichigo/Rukia, and Ulquiorra/Orihime, we got along great, especially after adding each other to Twitter, and I'm so glad too since she's such a sweet person, like all of my friends, lulz! Her designs may appear simple but don't let that fool you since they still have that air of creativity, even with little colors used.

Comments: I actually met Angie on her graphics journal on LJ since I was looking for icons to use. I soon got to know her more and found out we have a lot in common. I was shy to ask her to affiliate with me and when I found out it was closed, I hesitated. However, when she brought it up while we were fanning over Love Control, I gladly accepted XD I can't wait to get to know her more like my other friends.

Comments: I first met Kibumie at Amassment when she introduced herself and we didn't get close until much later. I love her layouts since they're so creative and original. She's so sweet and very talented. She asked if we could link exchange at first and I finally managed to get her as an affiliate (friend), hehe!

Comments: Another one I met from Amassment and bonded mostly on our LJ and Dreamwidth (if I remember correctly XD). She's so sweet, her sites are gorgeous, and she also loves a certain genre of manga I do! I'm so glad I met her and I hope to learn more about her.